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Komori GL 440 (2014)

Ref. RGL-2672 - Installed New in 2015, PQC - Console, KHS - AI Advanced Interface, AMR - Automatic Make Ready, KMS-I...

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Komori GL 440 (2018)

Ref. RGL-2673 - PQC - Print Quality Control Console, Komori Closed Loop Scanning Densitometer, KHS-AI - Advanced Int...

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Mitsubishi Diamond 3000 4R (2003)

Ref. RGL-2566 - Cleaned and Repainted, Ready to Print Test, Perfecting 2 2/4 0, IPC Console, Preset, Semi Automatic ...

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Shinohara 52-4 (2003)

Ref. RGL-2671 - SAPC - Semi Auto Plate Changing, SCC – Shinohara Console for Ink and Register, CIP-3, Cylinder Coc...

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